Glaucoma is recognized to be an optic neuropathy with at least one eye has both typical structural and functional defects.


Acute glaucoma is sudden onset. The patient may experience blur vision, seeing haloes, eye redness, eyepain, sometimes accompanied with heachache and vomiting. Chronic glaucoma may not have the above symptoms. But discover the disease when losing large area of visual field at the end stage.


Loss of peripheral visual field occur in the advanced stage of disease. The central vision will also lose gradually until blindness.



In general, there are proposed three factors leading to the disease: high intraocular pressure,microcirculation and neurologic degeneration.


TCM treatment:

The routine method of Western medical treatment of glaucoma is the use of eyedrops to reduce the intra-ocular pressure. If the pressure cannot be controlled well, operation will be performed. But some glaucomatous patients keep on losing their vision, even with well controlled intra-ocular pressure.

There was no exact TCM disease defined as glaucoma from the Western because of the lack of techniques in the past. But there were Wufeng Neizhang (五風內障). They are classified based on causes and clinical manifestations.

Ophthalmology of TCM focuses on aspects of the neuro-protection and micro-circulation in treating this disease according to its theory. Oral administered Chinese medicine are used mostly. Acupuncture will be applied if the disease is in advanced stage.

Glaucomatous Optic Disc


Glaucomatous Visual Field





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