Floaters is a common ocular problem. They may present in dot-like or thread-like images floating in front of the eye. It can be monocular or binocular that may affect the vision. Though this is a common symptom, it may be a symptom of "posterior vitreous detachment" or "retinal detachment".

Mostly, floaters being seen are caused by the vitreous degeneration. Vitreous filling the space between the lens and the retina of the eye. Its degeneration (liquefaction or shrinkage) causes it to become an unclear media along the visual pathway. Shadow is formed on the retina as the light entering the eye.

Detailed fundus examination must be performed to exclude retinal detachment before prescription.

The symptom can be alleviated by TCM treatment. Eye fatigue, prolonged use of eyes and lack of rest are the aggravating factors for the condition.



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