Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Age-related Maculopathy is a major eye diseases leading to blindness. As we get older, our body functions start to decline. In the early stage of this disease, the patient may experience decrease of vision with mild distortion. Sometimes, it may get worse. Vascular leakage or bleeding in the macula region may happen. It affects vision seriously with distorted objects. Finally, the central field of vision may be lost entirely. Smoking, sunlight exposure, or persons over 50, are the risk factors. Currently, anti-VERF treatment is an option for the patients with wet-type AMD which is a worse stage.

TCM Treatment

At the early stage of this disease, use of TCM as the treatment can improve the unclear vision. If there is macular bleeding, it can speed up the re-absorption of clot and reduce the aftereffects. Hundreds of years ago, early Chinese Medicine ophthalmology medical books had similar records about the diesease. At that time, they did not have the Western medicine knowledge and technology. The diagnosis and treatment could only be estimated by the patient’s symptoms. Currently, we can integrate the modern diagnostic techniques into the theory of TCM ophthalmology for much clearer diagnosis and better treatment effects.



Formed scar after Macular Haemorrhage



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